Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daddy Magic: Smile for your baby!!!

Smile for your baby!

Who is the happiest baby in the room? Well, she's the one who is smiling and always in a good mood. How does that happen?

Well, have been smiling with your baby?

How do children learn anything? You do it with them and slowly teach them. It's the same thing with smiling.

It's simple, just smile with your baby. Smile all day with your baby. Smile for hours. Smile until your face falls off. Okay, those are exaggerations. Don't smile that much.

But you should smile so much that it hurts. You should smile every chance you get for extended periods of time. You should sacrifice your time and comfort to teach your baby one important thing:

How to smile

If you can teach your baby that, then you'll notice that your baby smiles more. A baby who smiles more, doesn't throw tantrums as often. A baby who smiles more is pleasant to be around. A baby who smiles more is the happiest baby in the room. She loves people. She trusts people.

Should your baby trust people? YES. More on that in another blog. This one is ONLY about smiling.

Play with your baby. Do a very slow version of peekaboo. Tickle him under his chin. Make soft sounds and sing. Whatever you do, always smile! Grin ear to ear whenever your face is in front of his face. He will learn how to smile.

Another thing will happen too. He will know that you love him. It is very important to teach your child how much you love him, and this is a wonderful way to do it.

Loving your baby is purely Daddy Magic.


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