Friday, February 23, 2007

Daddy Magic: Sign Language works!

Sign langauge works!

You might as well use real sign language, so that your child learns a valuable skill.

When teaching your toddler sign language, use the word and the sign at the same time. Some people think that the child will learn the sign instead of the word, but it helps the child learn the word and the sign better. Then the child can better remember how you communicate each specific topic.

Our toddler says the word and does the sign at the same time.

Some great signs to teach:

- More
- All Done
- Banana
- Cracker
- Cereal
- Milk
- Eat
- Drink
- Thank you
- Up

Now that my daughter can communicate a little, she walks around signing cracker.

I think a reason why they call it the "terrible twos" is that your child is frustrated because he can't communicate with you. Make the terrible two's easier on him and you by teaching him how to communicate.

You may tell him no if he asks for a cracker, but at least he's not frustrated that he can't communicate with you. Plus this makes eating a lot easier when he can communicate.

Now that's Daddy Magic!

But don't teach him stop! See this post for that:


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