Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daddy Magic: Let people hold your baby!!!

What??? Are you crazy??? Let people hold your baby!!!

You think you're being protective, but do you know what you're doing to your child??? Everything you do is teaching your child something. By going around and always holding your child, not ever leaving your baby, and not letting other people hold your baby, you are teaching your baby one thing:

He is not safe in anyone else's arms and in anyone else's care.

That's right! You're teaching that to your baby!!!!

Do you know what that means? That means that you cannot have someone else watch your child. Your child will throw fits because the baby sitter isn't you. What if you have to go to the bathroom? You can't hand the baby to a friend. The baby trusts no one except for you! What about the other spouse? Is your spouse going to watch your baby sometime? It's not possible if the baby isn't used to it!

This is what happens when you are the only one who holds your baby:

1. The baby throws more tantrums because you can't always hold him.
2. The baby becomes a toddler who still throws tantrums.
3. The baby doesn't feel comfortable with your spouse.
4. The baby won't sleep as well unless you are holding him. He won't put himself to sleep.
5. You will have to wake up constantly or sleep with your baby in your bed. Either one will be bad for your marriage relationship and sex life.
6. You can't get away from your baby. You can't go out with your friends, go on a date with your spouse, or do anything, really.
7. Your baby won't trust people. He will throw tantrums in public places. Not good.
8. People think you are being a little uptight. Well, guess what? They are right. You are.

What to do:

1. This is hard to do (to trust others with something so precious), so do it from day 2 or 3. When visitors come to the hospital, let some of them (especially the ladies) Purell their hands and hold your newborn.
2. When you get to church, let a few people Purell their hands and hold your newborn.
3. When visitors or family comes over, let them Purell their hands and hold your newborn.
4. Let female trusted family members or female trusted friends watch your infant while you go out.

What this does:

1. Your baby will trust people. You are helping shape her personality.
2. Your baby will be interested in people. You are helping shape her personality.
3. Your baby will be comfortable around people.
4. Your baby will smile at people.
5. Your baby will be friendly to people.
6. Your baby will learn how to share much easier.
7. Your baby will not be as violent to other children.
8. Your baby will learn social skills much sooner.

These are all good things! These are Daddy Magic!



Anonymous said...

Babies don't have a need to be held by multiple people, and as the child grows, its need to be held diminishes. The child's parents should be able to provide all the holding the baby needs.

Furthermore, in today's society, children should NOT trust strangers. They should not be taught to trust strangers. They should be taught to instinctively MISTRUST strangers.

Anonymous said...

I think this website is VERY true! Why do u want your child 2-2 1/2 still crying when the mom is just out of sight. Its ridiculous. I know how that goes because my sister in law and niece are like that with each other. My baby is 3 months and im trying go back to work so im not in that horrible situation! My boyfriend and i are very good with taking her to all her grandparents on the weekends just so shes used to everybody.