Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Daddy Magic: Should you teach your child to trust people?

Should you teach your child to trust people?


Why would you want to, since people can do really bad things?

Well, not all people do. If you teach your child how to trust people, then your child will learn about trust, love, and contentment much sooner than the other children. It's worth it! Do it! The sooner your child will trust and love people the more it will shape his life.

The primary concern here is that this could lead to a stranger (or family or friend) doing an evil thing to your child. That could happen. However, you can mitigate that risk!

- Always watch your child.
- Only leave your child with a trusted friend.
- Only leave your child with a woman. About 95% of sexual abuse is by men.
- We leave our children in our church nursery, but we know them, and the men cannot watch children alone, they can't change diapers, and they can't take a child to the bathroom. Our church has already thought about all that.

Here's the thing, teach your child how to love everyone when you really can't communicate very well with your child. Once you can communicate with your child, teach him to be cautious and give him rules without giving him reasons until he's ready. This way you can teach your child to be loving and cautious. That's Daddy Magic!


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