Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Daddy Magic: Instead of Stop, use Don't Touch

We don't use "Stop!" Many parents use Stop and use the sign language for "Stop." However, every time I've seen that, the child is learning how to tell parents how to stop. It's good to know what the child is thinking, but the child may not be thinking that if he didn't know he could communicate it to you.

Instead of "Stop," we use "Don't Touch." We sternly say, "Don't Touch" and wave our hand near the area she isn't allowed to touch. When she touches it, we slap her hand or foot that touched it. Eventually, we started saying "Don't Touch" less stearnly so she wouldn't think we were mad at her. However, the hand motion and words still worked.

Don't use Stop. You are teaching your child how to talk back before you can properly reason with him.

Instead, use "Don't Touch," say it firmly, slowly wave your hand next to the object, and enforce it by slapping his hand or foot. He will learn.

That's Daddy Magic.


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