Sunday, January 14, 2007

Daddy Magic Works!

The intro on the upper-right says, "Daddy Magic develops childcare techniques and shares them with the world. For competitive daddies: Daddy Magic is the process of raising the happiest baby and most respectful child in the room. For concerned mommies: Daddy Magic is the process of raising a happy and loving baby and child. Enjoy the magic! "

Does Daddy Magic work? Yes it does!!!

I've got two of the happiest and most loving and respectful children "in the room." What that means is that if your child is in the nursery, do the workers compliment your child's behavior? My wife and I get compliments every single time. When you walk past people in the grocery store, do they compliment how happy and peaceful your child is? My wife and I get compliments every single day.

They are comparing your children to all the other screaming, tantrum-throwing, loud-mouthed children that are around your children. Your children stand out. There's something different about them.

Daddy Magic works perfectly as an overall plan. But, as you'll notice, it isn't instant. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time. You have to really care about raising your child to be happy, respectful, and loving! Every day, all day, even when your child is crying at 2 AM. If you're ready for that type of commitment, then you came to the right place!



Queen Bug said...

I love your blog. I wish the tantrum posts would work for me. I've tried the spanking and loving. She throws tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants (she's 2), and when it's nap time. She's obviously tired but doesn't want to sleep. She's in her dinner booster seat buckled and heading on a 30 minute scream fest. Of course I'm ignoring her so she just starts back up again. But if I walk away from her, she will follow me and tear the house apart with her. She's scarring my 9 month old, but I don't want to go get her and have my 2 year old think i'm playing favorites.

Keep the good advise coming though, maybe at some point it will work for me.

The Animation Empire said...

Two new posts about tantrums. More coming. Thanks!