Monday, February 19, 2007

Daddy Magic: Run with your baby

How do you get a baby to calm down instantly? Simple! Run with your baby!

That's right! This is even more effective if you are using the swaddle, side, and suck technique. Shh helps some too, but not as much.

Run with your baby!

It's simple. Your baby is going to fall asleep when you're on the freeway. But the moment you stop at a traffic jam or stop for gas, what do you get? Crying!

Apply that lesson to your home!

If you are using too much up and down motion, then you'll notice that your baby is getting tense. His whole body will tense up, he'll bring his knees up, and his face will get tense. So, stop immediately when that happens!

However, you can hold your baby tightly and take off running down the hall. Instantly quiet baby! Do a few runs down the hall.

It will also give you some exercise. Use this method to calm down your baby, infant, or toddler. Your baby or infant will get closer to sleeping after a few runs.

This is pure magic. Daddy magic.


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