Monday, March 26, 2007

Daddy Magic: Wrap a blanket over your baby's hand

There is a difficult stage in teaching your baby to sleep. That's when he is getting too strong for the swaddle.

He breaks out of the swaddle.

Unfortunately, he's also too young to have developed hand coordination. As a result, he pulls his pacifier out of his own mouth. So he's screaming at 5 in the morning, because he broke out of his swaddle and pulled his pacifier out of his mouth.

What do you do?

Wrap a blanket over his hand that is pulling out his pacifier. For our daughter, it has been her left hand. He won't be able to pull out his pacifier. You can also accomplish this by putting a blanket barrier on his neck so that he can't get his hand up to his mouth. Another method is to use the pacifiers without the handle at the end (one brand is hollow so you can stick your finger in them and pump the pacifier in his mouth; another brand has a knob at the end). Another method is using mittens or those baby shirts where the sleeves have built-in mittens to cover your baby's hands.

Use any one of these methods to survive this transition and get some sleep! You and your baby need your sleep!

Get sleep? That's Daddy Magic!!!


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