Thursday, March 8, 2007

Baby Magic: Get Your Baby to Eat

Get your baby to eat!!!

Your baby will probably be drinking from a bottle, but he may be nursing.

I realized that I need to write this one when I saw someone throw their hands up in frustration. The baby was having a fit. She was so upset, that she wouldn't eat, even though she was upset because she was hungry!

Think about it! She was so hungry, that she was too upset to eat! Imagine that!

Well, that is pretty common.

Here's what to do:

(1) Hold him tight. Give him that important stability. It will help calm him down.

(2) Bounce with him. Walk him around. Make him feel like he's on a bungy cord, but he's still tight in your arms. Run with him if you have to.

(3) Put the bottle in his mouth. Hold it there until he recognizes that he has access to his food.

(4) Pump the bottle in his mouth: in and out until he grabs on and starts sucking.

Using this method, I got the baby to start eating in less than 20 seconds, when her mother had just spent several minutes.

This works. This is Daddy Magic!


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