Thursday, March 8, 2007

Daddy Magic: Touch Your Baby!!!

Touch your baby! Start from day one. Touch your infant. Touch his hands, his feet, his legs, his arms, his neck, his chest, his stomach, his face, and his head. Touch him gently and playfully.

Touch your infant!

Touch your baby!

Touch your toddler! When you get more toward the toddler age, your touches should be more like tickles on the sides, neck, and feet/toes. Also touch his hands, his arms, his neck, his face, and his head. Give him hugs! Teach him how to hug.

Tickle your toddler! Tickles count.

Why? Why touch your child?

Do it for these reasons:

(1) Teach him how to hug. By getting him comfortable with affection, he will learn how to show affection to others. It starts with physical touch, but it will extend to compassionate acts as he grows.

(2) He will learn that his parents love him. He will learn this much more affectively and quickly than any other method. Do you love him? Tell him.

(3) He will be healthy. That's right. Touching your child stimulates the blood cells so that he is able to fight off sickness and viruses. This is especially vital in the younger stages.

Love your child! Touch your child! That's Daddy Magic.


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