Thursday, March 8, 2007

Daddy Magic: Turn on your Fan

Turn on your fan to lull your baby to sleep! This is also great for your toddler and infant.

Some babies sleep better than others. We have one baby who slept better as an infant and a baby. Our toddler had more trouble at every stage. Babies are different. That's life.

However, we've learned to turn on the fan. Make sure your fan makes noise, because that is about 80% of the point. The hushing sound is magical! Turn it on the lowest mode, as long as it is loud enough. It's as if you were nearby your baby, hushing him. "Shhh!" Constantly. All night long.

That's great! Why? Because you don't need to do it! Go to sleep instead. =^)

This is a great technique to be used with patting your baby, the pacifier, and the swaddle (see other posts).

The fan will be your biggest fan. That's Daddy Magic!


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