Monday, January 15, 2007

Daddy Magic: How to get your baby to sleep for 8 hours

The worse time for me to wake up and feed a baby is at midnight. I had to do that last night. It is the wose time for me because my wife and I go to sleep at 10 PM. That means I only got two hours of sleep. I'm really out of it after only two hours, and my wife has to kick me a few times to wake me up, just so I can hear the screaming baby. Oh, well. I signed up for the morning duty, and, this time it was 12 AM.

Usually our baby wakes up at 5 AM and I feed her while I work in my office. I get up at 4:30 AM, so this works very well for me.

Here's the point: Get your baby on a four-hour schedule and then cut out the midnight feeding! Here is what it looks like...

12 Midnight

4 AM

8 AM

12 Noon

4 PM

8 PM

Then you feed your baby more and more at those crucial times of 8 Pm and 4 AM. Get your baby used to eating more then and less at 12 Midnight. Wean your baby down until she drinks little to nothing at the midnight feeding. Then she'll sleep through that 8 hour block.

Another way to get your baby to sleep through that feeding, is, once you are on this schedule, simply don't wake up your baby to feed him at midnight. Feed him when he wakes up, and then feed him more. Then work to get your baby back on schedule that morning. Keep feeding him more at the 8 PM and 4 AM feedings. Eventually, you'll work him into an 8 hour block. This works! I have an infant who sleeps 9 hours and a toddler who sleeps 12 hours.

We had a lady in our church who got her infant on this schedule one week after birth!!!

It is possible! If you admit defeat now, then you'll never accomplish it.

Here's why you should accomplish it:

- Get more sleep for yourself
- Get more sleep to take better care of your children
- Have a healthier marriage with your spouse
- Allow your other children to get more sleep
- Help your infant be as healthy as possible: this requires long blocks of sleep!

Any questions?


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