Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Daddy Magic: How to Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddle - This is the most important one of the 5 S's.

You lay two blankets on the ground, on top of each other. Usually the larger blanket is under the smaller one. Both have to be bigger than the baby, but not too big.

Place your baby on the top blanket, so her head is at one of the points. Wrap one side of the top blanket over her, with that arm against her side. You wrap the blanket around her and under her on the other side.

Then you grab the bottom point of the blanket and pull that upward and on her other side. That will keep her feet in.

Next you pull the last side over her, trapping her other arm against her side. The flap goes over the other side, keeping that fold tighter. You wrap the flap under her. Basically, you just made a baby burrito. =^)

Do the same thing with the other blanket, still under her. Her arms will already be trapped under the first blanket. She will now be warm and secure.

Basically, you are recreating the environment of her mom's tummy (minus the sticky goo). She'll be reminded of that, comfortable, warm, and much more likely to fall asleep.

This will also help calm down your baby if he or she is throwing a tantrum.


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